Internet made Impossible Possible

M Yakub Chowdhury with Obama - Internet Made Impossible Possible

Who ever do not like to take a photo with Barac Obama.

I also desired.

Though not in real, still my dream is fulfilled by internet paining.

I think if I would not say you, you could not understand that it is not real.

See the power of internet that made impossible possible.

What you think about the picture.

Let me have your comments.

Waiting to see you in comments.


Eakub’s Internet Marketing Tips For Bangladesh

Internet Marketing is the most used word in the internet. There are internet marketers who are earning thousands of dollars. Even there are people who are earning million. Those are exceptional. There are huge people who are earning thousands. If you open your eyes you will see someone around you.

Although Internet is place of hope, but still there are threats for internet. There are many people who tried internet marketing and failed. The number of failed persons are also huge.

There are another problem that many people still do not believe that it is possible to earn from internet. If you are in Bangladesh and if you are planning to do internet marketing may be your parents will firstly object it. Because they do not believe it. I have many students who took training even after objection from their parents. However later they were convinced and in one case my students father also took training.

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